Thursday, May 29, 2014

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cinnamon Ermine Frosting and Blueberries

This week is my last week at work full time! I will stay on the books as an employee and I may do some very part time work from home if they need me, but I am now free to be a stay-at-home-mom(SAHM)! I am so very thrilled and so is the hubster and the little bubster. As a special treat to my coworkers I told them I was bringing in something this week. My boss asked for Red Velvet and I couldnt resist! It's been so long since I have made anything red velvet and the last time didnt turn out like I wanted so I was up for a challenge.

First things first, I found a recipe from another blog I love: The Culinary Alchemist. The blogger, Shane is even an Oregon boy! I love the science approach to baking. It's something I really want Zane to learn as I teach him how to cook and bake. One day, his future wife will love me!

Red Velvet Cupcakes and Ermine Frosting

I did 2 batches and baked them into cupcakes instead of layered cake for easy serving and transport. I wouldn't recommend doubling the batch at once unless you have help. The recipe calls for quick action and you'd need an oven large enough to hold 48 cupcakes at once!

I didn't do so well at pictures of the process this time because I was baking with mom and it was just too much fun. Our second batch came out better in my opinion. I think it was because we worked a little quicker.

Here is the color of our creamed sugar and butter for round 2:

While mom whipped the eggs in, I got the color/cocoa mixture ready. Be careful with it, it's a very intense mixture and will stain easily! Lookie there, I did line up the cocoa mix, buttermilk and flour/salt bowl!

I couldnt really take pictures of the vinegar/baking soda because you have to work so fast! I took a picture of them in the pan but realized too late that the shot didn't come out :-( I got 24 cupcakes out of each batch of batter.

For the frosting I followed the recipe but used vanilla bean paste (the best stuff ever!) and I added in about a teaspoon of ground cinnamon. My go-to froster is the 1M tip. Easiest way to frost a cupcake! 3 fresh blueberries and the prettiest little cupcakes you ever did see.

That Ermine(boiled milk) frosting isssssss a little bit of work so you should definitely enjoy a cup of your favorite brew with your hard earned (but so, SO worth it) treat. 

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