Friday, April 11, 2014

New blog and a fresh start

I'll be honest, I've tried this blogging thing before. It's tough. Honestly, I don't know how some of these ladies do it! (I say ladies because I mostly read the blogs of ladies, sorry fellas). I think my problem last time was trying to be too perfect about it and having this long back story and witty agenda.
So today is just an quick intro and my latest cupcake.

Quick intro: My name is Rayah and I am a wife and working mom of one radical four-year old. My husband, Richie, and I both work swing shifts so our schedule is off from the norm, but it works right now for our family.

I love to bake. I especially love biscotti. I have just started becoming more adventurous when it comes to tweaking recipes and such. I love cooking in general, so I will be sharing those recipes as well. I added "Homemaking" into the blog name too because I wont be able to resist throwing my DIY projects up here too, which can be varied and random.

I'm not a professional photographer, there won't be fancy pictures!

That is all.

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