Sunday, April 13, 2014

Vanilla Cupcakes with real vanilla bean paste

The baby shower cupcakes were a huge success, at least with flavor. For some reason, my mini white vanilla cupcakes sunk and yet the few full sized ones I made turned out great with a decent dome. The flavor was awesome. Let's talk about those vanilla ones first. Here is the recipe I used for the cupcakes and the frosting. I had previously tried the cupcake recipe listed with the frosting recipe but I wasn't that thrilled with my results. They didn't seem to rise much and the texture was off. Totally could have been something I did. I do have some tips and adaptations for you so here they are!

The Cupcakes - The method was a new one for me. It has you measure all the dry ingredients and the sugar and then use your electric mixer to cut in the butter. In the recipe she calls for softened butter, cut into chunks then added to the flour. I had to throw my butter in the fridge in order to get it firm enough to cube. Once I had it in the flour I quickly realized that softened butter was not the way to go. I threw mine into the freezer and let it firm up before I finishing cutting it in. That was really my only change to the recipe. Otherwise there is NO WAY it could have ended up in the "crumb" state we were looking for.

 I have a feeling the down fall I experienced was related to the size considering the full-sized cupcakes turned out great. I think I got 48 cupcakes and 6 regular sized out of the recipe.

The Frosting - The recipe as written is wonderful, but since my cupcakes were light and fluffy (like I could resist trying them?) and the day was warm and springy I wanted something a little lighter than traditional buttercream. I ended up added bother tablespoons of cream and adding about a cup full of cool whip and folding it in at the end. It was perfect. I loaded the light, speckle-y vanilla bean frosting into a bag with a 1M tip and they were frosted in minutes. 

Sorry this pic isn't the best but according to everyone at the shower, they were a smashing success!

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